Commit More, Pay LESS!

1-on-1 (Local) Packages

Your commitment determines your rate. The more you commit, the cheaper the rate! How’s that for incentive! 

2x/week- 60/session (6 month contract) or – 55/session (12 month contract)

3x/week- 55/session (6 month contract) or – 50/session (12 month contract)

4x/week- 50/session (6 month contract) or – 45/session (12 month contract)

5x/week- 45/session (6 month contract) or – 40/session (12 month contract)

1-on-1 Training Includes:

  • Personal Demonstration and Accountability
  • 6 or 12 month Training Program designed specifically for you!
  • Scripted routines with your goals and dreams in mind
  • Progress tracking
  • Fun & Motivating Environment
  • Nutritional Breakdown and Plan of ACTION!
  • Nutritional Counseling as needed

Virtual Training Packages

No matter how far the distance and/or the goal, we WILL make it happen TOGETHER! 

6 Months Training> 250.00/Mo

12 Months Training> 225.00/Mo

Virtual Training Includes:

  • Fit.Me.PTN Mobile App puts all your training right in the palm of your hand!
  • Follow along with the each workout and receive feedback from your trainer!
  • Personalized Demonstration videos & Accountability!
  • 6 or 12 month Training Program designed specifically for you!
  • Mobile App tracks your Performance Progress through out your program!
  • Weekly Check-in with your Trainer via Skype, FB, or Face-time! (Clients Preference)
  • Professional Meal Planning with assistance to make sure you will enjoy what you eat and not feel like you are suffering through a diet!
  • Upload photos to see your own progress on your personal profile page, view-able online as well as on your mobile app.



*All Rates are subject to change, any change will not effect current programs or clients agreed upon rates, Packages are subject to availability. Please inquire @ to set up a FREE consultation & physical assessment before determining which package is best for you.