Fitness & Nutritional Services

Tired of feeling tired? Can’t keep up with the kids? Dog? Partner? LIFE?

I know the feeling.

We all have a reason why we wanna be healthier and have more energy, the question is does that reason matter enough to you to do whatever it takes? If so, you’re in the right place! No matter your goal Fit.Me.PTN is prepared to take you to YOUR next level and beyond!

Various Training Options
6283225_orig Virtual Online Training!!

Don’t live close? We’ll get you fit from a distance!


Local? 1-on-1 Personal Fitness Training at an affordable rate!

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Virtual/Distance Training

It’s not always easy to find someone you are comfortable to work with in this type of arena, although all us trainers work hard to make you as comfortable as possible- let’s face it…. some people you just feel at ease with more naturally and I don’t want location to ever be a reason that I can’t help someone who feels that Fit.Me.PTN is right for them, so this is how we do it! And it’s just beginning… This part of the site will be slowly developing more and more. The option is available currently and those clients can expect to enjoy some excellent additions just for them in the not too distant future! For details on distance training for you please email us at

1- on -1 Training

1- on -1 Training is also available! Currently limited to Indian River County and surrounding areas of South Florida. NO GYM Membership FEES! Just you and your trainer and the equipment he/she provides in their own rented space.

All training packages, both Distance & 1- on -1 , all provide detailed and structured workout routines managed and altered as needed by your trainer, a full nutritional breakdown, meal planning tools and assistance, plan of action: nutritional as well as physical, goal setting, and Monthly measurement/check ins. Rates vary based on package Type, contact us at

Fit.Me.PTN also provides additional Nutritional services such as Kitchen Makeovers, Grocery Shop Tutorials, and Nutritional Counseling for specific questions & guidance along the way!