Fit.Me. Supplement and Nutrition Products

Health conscious people are always concerned with where their food is grown, harvested, and processed……..but what about the vitamins you take? Or the fitness supplements you use?

Where do those come from? Do you really KNOW what you are supplementing with?

When I was studying Fitness Nutrition at the ISSA, it occurred to me that as picky as I was about what I consumed…..I sure hadn’t paid much attention to what was in my supplements. So I took a look! And what did I find?

Chemicals! Color dyes! Alternative Sweeteners! EVEN High Fructose Corn Syrup!

I was so upset! I never again wanted to recommend a product until I knew it inside and out for myself! Just because someone says it’s healthy…..doesn’t mean it is! So I decided I was going to do the research myself! And what I found was a line of products not sold in stores and grown on USDA Cert. Organic farms that are free of pesticides & chemicals, AND are strategically harvested at the time when the nutrients are at their peak! End result…..YOU get the Best of the Best!

Welcome to Nutrilite Vitamins and XS Sports Nutrition!

Get Ready to Go beyond Supplementation……Take in NATURE!!

There’s so much MORE! Energy Bars, Protein bars, Energizing snacks, Appetite control chews, Pre-workouts, Post-workouts, Protein, and MORE!!!!
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