“Exercise is King. Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you’ve got a KINGDOM!”

Jack Lalanne (aka The Godfather of Fitness)

 Welcome to Fit.Me. PTN

Fit.Me. Personal Training & Nutrition is a Trans-Owned  Fitness Training Company offering Personalized Training Services locally as well as online to people from all walks of life. Whether the goal is to bulk up, lean out, get in shape, lose weight, or some combination of those or more- Fit.Me.PTN is up to the challenge! Are you?

Here is what you can expect from us….

Science Based Personalized Training & Nutrition!

So you’ve hit the unspeakable plateau, been through every diet fad on the planet, tried all the cookie cutter routines, and STILL not seeing that vision in the mirror? Maybe you just aren’t sure what to do and need guidance but want help from someone you can relate to and feel truly understands where you are.

Let’s put the “person” back in Personal Training….Let’s get to know each other and put together an individualized strategy to reaching YOUR Fitness Goals! Fit.Me. takes a very science based approach to fitness and health. The more we know about how our bodies work, the better we can manipulate specific factors in our daily lives to control the results.

Products That Deliver RESULTS!

Ever walked into a Fitness Supplement store? There are hundreds of options, pills, protein, pre-workouts, recovery blends, & Vitamins!  It’s overwhelming.  In my years of chasing fitness, I’ve tried just about everything but one thing I have definitely learned is that the more Natural- the BETTER!  (Click to read more)